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22.6.2019-23.06.2019 (midsummer-meditation on friday evening)

Water Qigong & Meditation

Carsten Dohnke
Belgien, near Antwerp

Carsten Dohnke will guide you through a unique combination of the most effective Qigong and breathing exercises to develop a supple body. Water-Qigong makes us supple like a cat. The aesthetic and easy to learn movements have a rejuvenating, refreshing and vitalising effect.


Connect to your inner wisdom

Carsten Dohnke

A four day workshop where you discover your inner healing power in an inspiring environment. In the middle of nature, near Utrecht.
Experience a full connection with life, your own energy and inner resources. Get new insights into your life by tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting with your heart. You will learn how to deal with stress, to come home to your life and to find your „inner GPS“