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Taoist Training Course and Qigong Teacher Training Course

From your center to infinity

Experience the mystical path of the Tao. Experiencing the essence of Taoism – a deep connection with life, an inner arrival or even unity with the Tao – this is what TAO training with Carsten Dohnke is all about. The basic goals of the training are self-healing, strengthening your vitality, inner harmony and spiritual growth.

This proven combination helps you to specifically strengthen your life energy Qi, to develop inner stability and strength and thus to become more energetic, clearer and healthier. At the same time, the methods you learn help to increase inner flexibility and suppleness and serve as a bridge to enter into a space of greater freedom – the freedom of the Tao.  In addition, Carsten’s Tao healing treatments effectively initiate comprehensive self-healing and becoming whole.

One of the main aims of the training is not only to convey the liveliness of the Tao theoretically, but also to make it tangible. They experience a comprehensive view of reality that can fundamentally change their lives. A deep trust in life comes into being.

More about the mystical path of Tao see also: Tao und Concept

After 35 years of intensive practice of Tao, mysticism and inner alchemy, Carsten Dohnke has developed a training course that will allow you to increasingly connect with your body and your inner strength, and finally immerse yourself deeper and deeper into the vitality of the Tao. Each module includes a varied combination of moving Qigong, meditation, Inner Alchemy, Taoist healing, silence and theory.


1. New Qigong and Tao-Training 2019-2020

In Holland, near Utrecht

An interesting 4 days class  – good to get to know the training and also a nice start –  will take part from 26.-29. of september: Connect to your inner wisdom. 

Offiziell start of the training with the first module is : 9.-12. Januar 2020

More informations see below


Mo 3.-6. Oktober: Healing-Qigong – Experience the lightness of being

3“Wisdom of the Warrior”  2019 in Munich

for participants with previous knowledge of martial arts. This training contains many Qigong elements. But the emphasis is different. Teaching language will be German.
Important topics: Development of a strong and supple body, intuition and inner silence, life care and self-healing, inner stability and resolution of conflicts, the Tao of wisdom, inner Qigong.Start: Oct. 26-27, 2019 in Munich (Module 2: Jan. 17-19, 2020), a total of 7 modules each 2 or 3 days over 1.5 years, Price: 1950 Euro (plus value added tax). More info will follow


Taoism is one of the great wisdom traditions of this world. It combines healing arts, meditation, knowledge of the forces of nature and philosophy to a practice-oriented path of inner development, which begins with the strengthening and healing of the body.

Taoism is a path that sees beauty in life and unfolds it with the methods mentioned above. To “care for life” and to live in harmony with oneself, nature and the cosmos is the central concern of all Taoists. Based on this idea, a detailed system of breathing and physical exercises as well as medical practices has developed over thousands of years.

Nowadays, important Taoist practices – e.g. movements, development of inner strength and meditation – are often referred to and taught as Qigong. What they have in common are the teachings of Taoism, whose central goals are self-healing and vitality, inner harmony and spiritual growth.

The Teacher Training Course

You will learn a wide range of effective Qigong forms and practices of inner Qigong. The instructor training also includes meditation techniques, Taoist sexual practices for transforming libido into healing power and creativity, mantras and healing sounds, movements from Water Qigong, the Tao of communication, basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as knowledge of Taoist and Buddhist philosophy.

You will receive a comprehensive set of tools with which you can put together a suitable training program for different target groups. In addition, the training offers space for a profound process of self-awareness.

Each Qigong has its own emphasis and thus unfolds different effects. While Sun Qigong builds up our Yang and fills the cells with inner warmth, Shaolin Tendon Qigong strengthens bones, tendons and physical strength. Crane Qigong helps to return to a state of “lightness of being”, while Swimming Dragon Qigong rejuvenates by supporting cell renewal and strengthening libido. When practicing Qigong of the Five Phases of Transformation (5 Elements Qigong)you will experience how you can enter into a deep inner peace through the combination of movements and sounds. By practicing different styles and learning about Taoism, the essence of Qigong will become more accessible to you.

Life in its essence is vibration and sound. Healing sounds and tones therefore have a long tradition in Taoism. They can have a nourishing or pain-relieving effect, are calming or cause Qi to flow or internal blockages to melt. You will also learn important mantras from the Buddhist tradition. Through the direct path to your heart, they have a deep effect on your entire existence. So the Amithaba Mantra not only helps to fill the body with light and to dissolve old patterns. It also supports the healing process or accompanies people in their dying process. Many awakened masters have come closer to awakening with the help of a mantra.


Carsten has 40 years of experience in Taoist practice, meditation, Qigong and martial arts. He studied with Shaolin masters in China for 4 years, has a master degree in Chinese studies and spent many years with world famous Qigong and Tao Masters such as Master Mantak Chia and Master Li Junfeng.

To get a clearer and broader view, he also studied western science, anatomy and philosophy.

Carsten’s partner Dewi De Waele will assist during the training.

The movements of Water Qigong are a combination of simple, flowing movements of inner Kungfu and Qigong as well as of different breathing exercises. They refresh, rejuvenate and vitalize the whole body and create lightness and joie de vivre. The movements connect us directly with our inner vitality. From the wide range of different movements you can put together your own program for yourself or your students.

Other important elements are the Tao of communication and field work to identify new potentials. Here you will learn about the perception of deeper energy layers to find solutions for important everyday challenges.

In the course of the training you will learn to build up your life energy Qi, to strengthen your body and to make it supple and at the same time to dive deeper and deeper into your heart.

There is the possibility for individual feedback during the modules, at the same time you can always send your questions to Carsten and/or the assistants by email. Minutes will be taken on each day of class. In combination with mp3 recordings which will also be made available to all participants they facilitate the consolidation of what has been covered in class.

Was würde ich in 4 Minuten über meinen Unterricht sagen

Wie ist das Training aufgebaut

Training Contents

Who is the training suitable for?

The training is aimed at four target groups:

1. People with previous knowledge of Qigong or Tao who would like to teach Qigong and meditation.

2. People who would like more vitality, strength or healing, or who need support in a difficult phase of their lives.

3. People who have a desire for spiritual growth.

4. People who wish to understand Tao and Taoism more deeply and long for more knowledge, insights and connections.
Basic knowledge of Qigong/Tao is desirable.

Qigong Forms

Qigong of the Five Elements, Crane Qigong, Qigong for Cell Breathing, Shaolin Tendon Qigong, Qi Gong for Rejuvenation, Qigong Warming Program and Water Qigong Movements

Structure and Energy Work

Improvement of the body structure, centering of your life force, development of inner strength, rejuvenation of the body, opening of individual joint spaces, Taoist school of breathing, Taoist healing, opening of different meridians, training of presence, intuition and inner perception.

Visualization Practices

“Nei Guan” (the inner vision, to strengthen glands and organs), opening the small energy cycle, meridian meditation etc., opening the inner channels, Taoist sexual practices to transform the libido into healing power and creativity.


The “emptying of the mind”, heart meditation, silent meditation, Dantien meditation, lying meditation

Healing Sounds and Mantras

Various sounds and tones to strengthen the organs, to calm and relieve pain, famous mantras such as the Tara mantra and Amithaba mantra.

Philosophy and Theory

The essence of Taoism, different currents in Taoism, principles of Qigong, core ideas of Buddhism, ego, Tao and everyday life, principles of mysticism and alchemy, working with traumata, avoiding burnout, dealing with crises etc.

Medical Aspects

Effects on the metabolism, the internal organs, the immune and nervous systems; the essence of TCM: Yin-Yang and Five Elements teachings, introduction to the meridian system, Taoist acupuncture points, Taoist self-massages for hands, feet, knees and head. Important Chinese herbs for everyday life, nutrition in TCM to strengthen the center, balance Yin and Yang and support individual organs.


Lesson structure and methods, motivation, teaching different target groups, structuring lectures, feeling the participants from the heart, speaking from the heart.


1. The essence of Tao Taoism – basic Qigong forms, Water Qigong, and meditation. Theory: Taoism, principles of Qigong, introduction to TCM and psychomotor skills.

2. Melting with the Universe – Five Element Qigong and Water Qigong II Theory: Yin and Yang, introduction to the teaching of the Five Elements, experiencing inner peace.

3. Coming home to yourself – Introduction to principles of Taoist Alchemy, breathing exercises, therapeutic exercises for your back and spine, Iron Shirt Qigong and Taoist sexual practices, consolidation of what has been learned. Theory: beyond the ego, Buddhism, mysticism.

4. Entering the Tao-Field – Qigong for rejuvenation and Taoist healing work. Theory: different principles of healing, dealing with traumata, revision etc., principles of spiritual currents.

5. Changing your State – Crane and Shaolin Qigong, opening the inner channels. Theory: Five Elements, Tao and ego Part I. Fieldwork and communication. Future meditation and field work to solve old entanglements.

6. Beyond Life and Death – theory: the Amithaba mantra, life and death, Water Qigong, spiritual care during the final stage of life, how to prepare for death, dissolving old patterns.

7. High energy Qigong and the liveliness of Tao – Qigong for cell breathing and opening of the inner Dantiens, the perception of energy fields, Tao fields etc., experiencing the simplicity of being, coming into contact with the original qualities of the organs. Theory: intuition, communication from the heart, understanding fields.

Dates & Events

The next Tao tand Qigong training  will start   in Holland  january 2020.

It will be preceded  an open open workshop i over four days: 26.-26. september  2019 : Connect to you inner wisdom

The modules of the upcoming new training will then be on the following dates:

Module I 9-12 January 2020

Module II : 23-26 April 2020

Module III: 24-27 September 2020

Module IV: 14-17 January 2021

Module 5:15.-18. April 2021

Prices for the training are:

Full price € 2627,-

Early bird price (before 1st of december 2019) € 2497,-

For fulltime students we have a special price: € 1497,-

For all prices is an extra discount possible if you bring a paying friend to the training. This extra discount is 10% for every friend you bring. This friend must be new to the training of Carsten.

Training of repeaters

For people that did the training before in the Netherlands, there is a special price: €1875,- .

The times are from Thursday to Sunday. Lesson times vary: Th. 10-21, Fr. 10-18, Sa. 10-21.30, Su. 10-17.00 (changes are possible)
Venue: Utrecht in Holland, in a beautiful meditation center in the countryside, see: Venwoude Baarn, , Tel.:0031-(0)35666 8447

single room: 119,50 Euro for three nights, double room: 91 Euro, in dormitory with own sleeping bag: 50 Euro, board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for four days: 125 Euro

Registration and information: Joan Piersma, , and Guido Kwikkers , , Tel.: 0031-(0)6-44946092

Wirklich zu leben bedeutet, ein lebendiges, fließendes System zu sein.

The next Tao and Qigong- training in Germany will start with a preparin class in autumm 2020

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