When you do something, burn yourself completely, no trace of you should remain..

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Here you will find PDF and audio files to download as accompanying material for our courses.

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Morning Meditation – Arriving in the Present Moment

The meditation “Arriving in the Present Moment” helps you to relax and arrive in the present moment. By embracing what is now, you dive into a deep relaxation and connection with yourself and with life – the essence of any spiritual practice. From this silence a new “inner wisdom and clarity” unfolds – answers to problems come naturally and many issues lose their sense of priority. In the last part of the practice you rest in silence in the power of your lower abdomen – this part can be extended freely. I typically begin my longer seminars with this morning practice.

The Inner Smile

The meditation of the Inner Smile is one of the central practices in Taoism. True connection with our body and our feelings is the basis for healing and integration. By sending Qi, light and the love of your heart into individual organs, you activate an inner self-healing process. Stress and emotional tensions begin to melt away, your immune system, your vitality and your presence are strengthened.  The inner self-love and silence that unfolds in this way is at the same time your most important quality for meeting life and other people with an open heart.