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The Art of Qigong

In our Qigong seminars and in the teacher training courses Tao Hamburg not only teaches concrete Qigong forms. In addition it allows you to enter the realm of the art of Qigong and to get in touch with the flow of life, no matter which one of Carsten Dohnke’s classes you attend. You will feel naturally relaxed, energized, vitalized and internally refreshed, clear and inspired.

As with other arts, when you begin to practice the art of Qigong, there is a basic level (a level of craftsmanship) at which one learns standard forms – such as the famous Eight Brocades, the 18 Movements or Shaolin Tendon Qigong. Here, the energy is structured, individual meridians are specifically activated, and bones, tendons and organs are strengthened. There might also be a medical focus – tackling problems with the lumbar vertebrae or the shoulder, weakening strength or a feeling of being overwhelmed by daily routines.

When you go deeper you leave the basic level. You will experience a sense of melting and a different state of being. There is a profound change. You will be touched in your heart and forget your everyday life and the specific reason why you practice Qigong. Melting and flowing with the form brings new inspirations, you can experience this when you practice Shengzhen Qigong, for example.

Then it’s about absorbing Qi and connecting with the cosmos and its energy. Our course participants learn to experience field energy and to glean information from it. In addition, Carsten Dohnke will show you how to dissolve your field of energy and go an even deeper level, where you can tap your inner wisdom. This cannot be achieved with structural work and a purely medical focus.

And just like painting or playing the piano, it takes time. The practice of Qigong turns more and more into an art. Inspiration, the experience of liveliness and of Qi become more real. You enter a much more profound state of being and stop focusing on petty little things. You will be touched by something completely new deep in your heart, by life as such . Maybe in the form of energy. And that does something to you. It will make you flow. It will make you healthier. It will bring you to life. You truly arrive within yourself. Clarity, inspiration and inner wisdom come to life – and this is only the beginning.

You can find more information about qigong in the article The Three Pillars of Qigong.

Qigong in Portrait     (German video – please use subtitles)

A taste of the art of Qigong and an overview of different forms of Qigong can be found in this portrait video by Carsten Dohnke.

Qigong to strengthen the lungs (English video)

The quality of our Qi has a lot to do with our breathing. Enjoy this simple breathing practice

Qigong Warm-Up ( 35 minutes exercise video)

This 35 minutes video contains a holistic and refreshing exercise program for everyday life. Including many different elements that are important in Qigong.

Demonstrated and explained by Carsten’s partner Dewi de Waele, who participates in many Tao-Hamburg seminars.