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Unfold your Potential

 Tao-Communication, Qigong and Meditation

Let’s meet and meditate in a field of interaction Maybe the following questions sound familiar to you: Why am I here?  What is my deeper potential?  What is blocking me? Who am I?

Most of us are sitting on their potential and creativitymaybe even for many years – which is covered by daily patterns, fears about the future and believe sentences from the past. In this class we want to look at our hidden treasures and see what is blocking our way: with individual practice and in interaction, where our partner can help us to witness and mirror our deeper truth.

 Discover the magic of the presence

The presence holds a lot of information for us. All too often we cannot ‘be-hold’ the present moment because we are occupied with topics, that are sometimes not even visible. This takes away a lot of energy, creativity and our connection to our potential. In this workshop we want to honor the presence: In this state of awareness – shining light on the presence – we can gently meet ourselves and also the others – while feeling accepted, carried and seen. What is the presence showing us, here and now? Making an authentic connection to ourselves and also to the outer world is therefore essential.

The true magic is, that this supporting field of presence (Tao) will allow our potential to show up and unfold by itself.It is like a flower that carries all the potential inside but needs the impuls, the invitation from outside

What you will learn in class

  • get support from the group field to help you in the next step in life
  • learn basics of Qigong for presence, stability and inner healing
  • connect to your inner center and your organs
  • get in contact with your resources, your potential and your shadow sides
  • get more clarity in difficult situations in daily life
  • know were you have to put your focus on
  • how to apply meditation in interaction in daily life
  • develop your intuition
  • get more trust in the “Tao” field: life carries you.


For whom

This workshop is open for everyone and could be for you if:

  • You feel the desire to grow
  • You know you have a deeper potential you haven’t seen before, and you want to tap into it.
  • Your soul wants to move forward and grow and you know life supports you, but something is holding you back.
  • You want to experience a deeper connection to yourself and to other people.
  • You are familiar with communication work and systematic work e.g. family constellations and want to learn tools to digest and integrate the information from this knowing field.
  • You have experience with qigong or meditation and want to explore these practices in interaction



  • Moments of silence, of meditation and movement (Qigong) will lead us to a deeper connection to ourself and our resources.
    On the other hand these ancient practices can carry us further in our process and in the integration of our potential, offering trust and stability.
  • The Tao of Communication is a meditation in interaction, which helps us to share a field of presence, and to awaken a larger field beyond or personalty level. This enables our partner to get in resonance with us and to become a witness for the treasures, where we are sitting
  • Carsten will give a daily mantra healing session for all participants. This will help you to arrive even more in the present moment and calm your thoughts, let go of old fears and connect deeper to your inner core.


About Carsten

His way of teaching comes from the mystical path of the Tao. He has the ability to bring people closer to their heart and to who they really are. Out of this connection, he provides tools for our daily life, happiness, health and inner growth.

Carsten is able to create a safe and inspiring energy field, where everybody can develop at their own pace. His teaching embodies growth on different level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Horizontally changing our view towards ourselves, our problems, the outer world, and vertically towards heaven and earth and eventually infinity.

He has more than 40 years of experience in taoist practice, meditation, Qigong and martial arts. He studied for 4 years with shaolin masters in China, has a university degree in Chinese studies and spent many years with world famous Qigong- and Tao- Masters. To get a clearer and broader view, he also studied western science, anatomy and philosophy.

Assistance: Dewi de Waele

Times and place

between Antwerp and Brüssels,

23th –  25th October
friday evening: open class for meditation and tao-communication
Saturday: 10:00- 18:00
and Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00
(the times are flexible)


please check organizer (about 220 Euro for the weekend)

Orgnisation and Info

Katrien Thys, email: