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Shengzhen Healing Qigong & the essence of the Tao

Shengzhen healing qigong & the essence of Tao

Experience the essence of Taoism – a deep connection to life, an inner arrival or even a touch with the Tao. This is what you can expect from Carsten Dohnke in this seminar.With Shengzhen Qi Gong we return to wholeness and naturalness. We experience inner peace, love and peace.

During these four days you will learn and practice Shengzhen healing qigong. This famous Qigong form harmonizes and strengthens the glands and organs, makes the body supple and creates a new joy of life. As if by itself, one experiences a state of “lightness of being”. The first part of the healing qigong fills all cells with fresh vital energy, detoxifies the body, activates the immune system and makes the spine more flexible. The second part is called “the liberation of the heart” and leads us into an inner silence in which we come into contact with the depth of our heart. Meditations and silence complete the seminar.

Through the effective combination of movements and inner Qigong our body, our energy and our heart become more flexible and permeable. Only when our life is permeated by this “quality of water”, as the Taoists say, can the Tao enter our lives: We experience inner freedom and lightness and get a taste of the boundlessness and origin of all being. A deeper trust in life and a new understanding of reality can come about.

Shengzhen Healing Qigong is like an inner journey of transformation – a “fusion of the elements” with movement: One begins by letting go of balast and old feelings and ends in a state of deep silence and compassion in connection with life.

Further topics of this course are:

– The art of deep breathing in Qigong
– Opening of the middle channel (Chong Mai) and connection of the three Dantiles
– Communication from the heart
– The Importance of Vitality in Taoism
– Theory: The different aspects of healing

And as always in Carsten’s courses there will be a Qigong warm-up program, meditation, Taoist healing treatments and communication. This will give the seminar a larger framework.
Overnight stay

Accommodation in Venwoude costs 119.50 euros for three nights in a single room and 91 euros in a double room. In addition there is the possibility for 50 euro for 3 days in the large Semianrraum to overnight (with own bedlinen). The food supply in the center for 4 days and three nights (three meals as well as coffee breaks with fruit/pastries) costs 125 euro.


11th – 14th April 2019
Thu: 10.00- 20:00
Friday: 10:00- 19:00
Saturday: 10:00- 22:00
and Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00
(the times are flexible).

There is a longer lunch break every day (13:40 – 16:00). So there is enough time for eating in the center, for walks in the nature or to rest again.

Course location

is the famous seminar centre Venwoude in Larrge Vursche, in a beautiful forest area in the middle of Holland,


The workshop needs an investment of € 425,-, for fulltime students we have a special price: € 337,- .                                                                                                            How to make it even cheaper for yourself ? If you bring a friend that has never been to a workshop of Carsten, you ‘ll get an extra 10% discount for every friend you bring.


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