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Heart Qigong and Meditation

a wonderful preparation for the christmas time

Carsten will lead you through a unique combination of movements, meditation and healing exercices. The class is especially designed for the christmas time. With Shengzhen Qigong, the qigong of love,  you will  return to wholeness and naturalness. You will experience peace and love and a new inner vitality. Shengzhen Heart Qigong combines beautiful qigong movements with inner silence and leads you into a deep state of relexation and tranquility. While doing the form you connect more and more with your heart and you slowly experience a feeling of “flying at ease like a wonderful bird over a beautiful landscape”.

Shengzhen Heart Qigong (also called “Body Mind as one”) also calms the mind and dissolves worries and fears. The soft and beautiful movements stretch the tendons and open the chest and shoulder area. They also strengthen the legs, the lower back and the digestive tract.

Meditations specially tailored to the seminar warm up the entire abdomen and charge it with Qi. This strengthens your vitality and the immune system and leads to a deep connection to yourself. The aim of the course is to enter into an inner flow and recharge the body with fresh vital energy.  At the same time we open ourselves to spiritual experiences.

In addition Carsten will give a sound & mantra healing every afternoon, which enables you to fully relax and to get in contact with your inner self. This will help you to feel supported in life, let go of old fears and emotions and develop inner faith.  The course is suitable for beginners and advanced students.


About Carsten

His way of teaching comes from the mystical path of the Tao. He has the ability to bring people closer to their heart and to who they really are. Out of this connection, he provides tools for our daily life, happiness, health and inner growth.

He has more than 40 years of experience in taoist practice, meditation, Qigong and martial arts. He studied for 4 years with shaolin masters in China, has a university degree in Chinese studies and spent many years with world famous Qigong- and Tao- Masters. To get a clearer and broader view, he also studied western science, anatomy, therapy work and philosophy.

Carsten is able to create a safe and inspiring energy field, where everybody can develop at their own pace. His teaching embodies growth on different level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Horizontally changing our view towards ourselves, our problems, the outer world, and vertically towards heaven and earth and eventually infinity .(teaching language is English).  His partner Dewi de Wale will assist during the class. (teaching language is English)



30th Nov. – 1. Dez.

Friday:  time is still open, please ask organisator!
Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00 o’clock
Sunday: 10.00 – 17.00 o’clock

The adventure evening on Friday can be booked individually and is suitable for a taste.

Course location

Belgium, near Antwerp



210.- , for friday evening please ask organizer!
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