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Seminar Overview

The seminars can be filtered according to different topics.


High Energie Qigong – Online Seminar

mit Carsten Dohnke
Online seminar

High Energy Qigong” leads you into a state of cellular breathing and meditation – you learn to charge your belly, heart and brain as well as all your cells with the powers of the cosmos and activate the healing power of your hands. In this way, you protect yourself from burn-out and exhaustion and enter a state of peace and inner clarity.


The Art of breathing – Qigong and Meditation

Carsten Dohnke
Westerlo - Belgien

Experience deep silence, healing and a new connection to life

Deep and calm breathing is the central element in Qigong – it gives us strength, clarity and inner peace, strengthens the immune system and prolongs our life.
We practice a basic form of Qigong breathing as well as a special Qigong form that trains our lungs and breath while channeling new life force into every cell of our body.


Herz-Qigong und Meditation

Carsten Dohnke
wöchentlicher Onlinekurs

ab Montag, den 22. März um 18:30: Die Shengzhen Form “Die Einheit von Körper und Geist” ist eine besondere Form des Herz-Qigong: sie beruhigt das Gemüt, befreit den Geist von Verwirrungen und löst Sorgen und Ängste auf.