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How can we help you?

Tao-Hamburg now also offers Tao Coaching. Would you like to achieve new goals in life or in Qigong? Would you like to learn a special meditation? Do you need an inner clarification for upcoming decisions? Or do you perhaps wish to improve your health with the help of Qigong, to feel new vitality or to clarify emotional issues?

Then Tao coaching might be the right thing for you. Tao coaching is generally based on two principles:

1. the knowledge and practices of the wisdom teachings of Taoism. These include meditation, inner alchemy, body exercises to develop inner strength, Taiji and Qigong, the basics of traditional Chinese medicine as well as the knowledge and wisdom of the classical scriptures of Taoism, such as Tao Te Ching.

2. the ability to enter a deeper field of being through inner qigong or meditation.

As a Tao and Qigong teacher I can sense and observe where you are standing right now. Through conversation, through the body or in a relaxed, meditative state, we then look for new solutions together. For a coaching session, in general it is advisable to see each other in real life. However, special sessions are also possible via Skype.

How is Tao coaching structured?

How is Tao coaching structured?

A coaching session can be very comprehensive or very goal-oriented. The session often begins with a short conversation or with meditating together to to get to the point, where we can define the topic more precisely. After that, one or more of the following methods are usually used:

– Tao communication

– Field and constellation work

– Acupressure, Tao self-massage, Chinese dietetics

– Tao and energy treatments – possibly combined with mantras

– Learning or correcting Qigong movements/ inner Qigong/ meditation

Tao coaching is like a journey of discovery. During the lesson there are often already exciting experiences, new insights or old knots begin to unravel. Try it!


What is field- and constellation-work?

As the name suggests, in this methodology you set up different fields that you can then enter. This approach is known from family constellations. Constellations are also used to achieve goals or clarify topics. The field work I developed for Tao Coaching, it is about experiencing topics or situations from a larger perspective – or Tao perspective – and thus coming to new solutions and insights.

An example: We could set up several fields, each representing “old life patterns”, “the ego” or “the Tao” etc.. After we briefly meditate together and become empty inside, focus on the topic that is important for you. If you then enter the fields one after the other, you can physically experience how you show different reactions in each field and also want to act differently. Especially in the Tao field you can gain insights into the situation that go far beyond your everyday horizon. This is just one example. You can also set up your internal organs, which then “speak to you and say what they need” or simply a goal you have set yourself.

What exactly do we mean by Tao communication?

Tao communication is a central element in Tao coaching. By meditating briefly together, we enter into a larger energy field or deep connection. Thus it is possible to melt inner blockades, to find solutions for everyday issues or to connect with deeper layers of our being or positive inner resources – inner healing and integration, but also a new clarity can unfold from within. This method can be used while we are talking about a topic. But it is also possible to simply sit there with your eyes open or closed and then see which images and feelings rise by themselves with the Tao-Coach in relation to a specific topic. Simple topics could be: What do I need most for a balanced everyday life ? Which background topic burdens me without me noticing it? And how can I integrate it? How does my energy feel? Which organ is stronger or weaker, which needs support? What blocks my actions with regard to the next step in everyday life, in my job in my relationship? And what can  I do? If you go deep in this method, you can experience a state of freedom and inner peace.

What are Tao and energy treatments?

As a Qigong and Tao teacher I have learned various energy or Tao treatments. As a rule, these treatments take place with light touches or often even without touching. Depending on your wishes and situation, it is also possible to use special mantras.

Here there are different results:

– the individual meridians are energetically balanced

– usually a deep inner relaxation and harmonization of the life energy occurs

– often there is a relief of pain or chronic tensions

– often new insights and cognitions emerge by themselves from the inner experience during treatment

– In the case of deeper treatments, a kind of “reprogramming” can take place in the cells. This can manifest itself in positive changes in everyday behaviour or in the dissolution of destructive life patterns.

– It is also possible to come into contact with deeper layers of one’s own existence that go beyond the unconscious. This contact to a transpersonal level or to the so-called “Tao field” opens great inner potentials and also establishes a new “basic trust” in life in us. For it leads us back to ourselves.

How long does Tao coaching take?

In the first session a time of one and a half hours would make sense. Shorter topics can usually be dealt with in one hour, for deep processes it is good to have 1.5-2 hours. We also offer a coaching package of five hour. Futher informations and prices on request.

Coaching lessons are possible with Carsten Dohnke and also with his partner Dewi de Waele.


“The coaching of Mr. Dohnke was very professional. I can judge that very well because I am a trainer and coach myself. His methods, his attention and empathy were optimally aligned to my goals and my needs and I left the coaching with a great energy and new self-conception for my future life. I will come again.”    Klaus Petersen (Business Coach)  Nürnberg, 8.4. 2019

“The Tao Coaching with Carsten Dohnke is the beginning of a wonderful journey, a deep immersion into the lake of life energy, to return richly gifted to the surface of life. Carsten accompanies the journey very sensitively and professionally. His energy, lightness, enthusiasm and joy are transmitted immediately, his deep knowledge and his lived experience are a great enrichment. I can’t imagine a better travel companion!I I am very grateful.”       S. Richter Hamburg  4.7. 2019