All being originates from the Tao

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What is being, what is life? All mystical traditions deal with these questions and want to return to the connection with life. Tao is just another word for this being or life’s core.

Living from this core goes hand in hand with freedom and peace. Carsten Dohnke: “I haven’t found this deep peace either, but I have already experienced and got a taste of it.” This taste has led us at Tao Hamburg to offer such a wide range of practices and it is also the reason why more and more participants want to learn more about the Tao and to experience a connection with it.

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The Taoist methods that Carsten Dohnke teaches are bridges to your inner freedom and to your true nature. The main purpose of all of his courses is to activate and produce this vitality.

It is important to understand that on the path of Tao you come into contact with a deeper level within you that goes beyond your personality and structure. Step by step. You will go beyond your limits and at the same time you will touch an infinity, your true core and a very deep peace. Taking one step inside, one step to the outside.

All living beings carry this true nature or this connection to life within them and when someone is completely open to it, this core shines through by itself. The Tao offers the possibility of returning to this core. And one does not only return home, but also comes into contact with boundlessness and thus with the origin of all being. Into the freedom of being. This is the place that all deep spiritual traditions in the East or West are about. It is a return to the Tao, it is an arrival – in yourself and in life at the same time.

For people today this encounter with one’s true nature is often difficult. Everybody’s in a hurry. There’s always something to do, something to feel, something to think. Hardly anybody knows how to get out of this daily grind. In his seminars, Carsten Dohnke shows how it works and explains why it is essential for the path of the Tao. The focus shifts. Away from the personal sensitivities to the vastness of life, so that the participants can feel truly alive.

In concrete terms, this means that the courses always start with an arrival practice. Everything else follows from this arrival. The practices and exercises specific to each course will not be introduced before the participants have had a chance to fully arrive.

In each course there is something for you to take home. This might be a practice which enables you to help yourself as well as your family and friends. Like the knowledge about the application of acupressure points, the healing sounds or the transfer of energy with which you can initiate or support healing processes. In the communication exercises that Carsten integrates into many courses, you learn to recognize how others are doing and what they really need. Again it is both: taking one step inside, one step to the outside.t nach innen, ein Schritt nach außen.