Returning to the source is silence.

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The aim of Tao-Hamburg is to convey the essence and diversity of Taoist practices and thus open a way to enter into a direct experience of the Tao or our true nature. This path follows the great wisdom traditions of this world. It is a practice-oriented way of life that interweaves healing arts, meditation, knowledge of the forces of nature and philosophy. A path that sees beauty in life and unfolds it using these very means. To “care for life” and to live in harmony with oneself, nature and the cosmos is the central concern of all Taoists. Based on this idea, a detailed system of breathing and body exercises as well as medical practices has developed over thousands of years.
The essence of Taoism includes the many practices of contemporary Qigong, silent meditation, Taoist sexual teachings, Inner Alchemy, Taiji and other Chinese martial arts. Traditional Chinese medicine with its three main areas – herbal medicine, acupuncture and nutrition – is also based on Taoist ideas. The basic goals of all these practices are self-healing and vitality, inner harmony and spiritual growth.

A path from body to mind

All branches and areas of Taoism are independent of each other, but complement and fertilize each other. At the same time, their synthesis forms a larger whole: it shows us a path of inner development – a path from body to mind that begins with the strengthening and healing of the body.
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