The core of your being is an inner infinity

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Carsten Dohnke teaches the mystical path of the Tao

Sinologist Carsten Dohnke is an internationally recognized teacher of Taoism and Qigong with 40 years’ experience in deep practices, meditation and teaching. He conducts teacher training courses and seminars in Germany, Belgium, Austria and the Netherlands. There he teaches the mystical path of the Tao – a path to our true nature, to the core of our existence.

Together with the Tao Hamburg team he takes his students on this path in three steps. First of all, his courses are always about arrival, a feeling of coming home to oneself. “It’s incredibly important to me that we discover the sources of strength and resources we already possess and which we don’t use,” says Carsten Dohnke. This goes for the depth and love of the heart, for example, or the great power in the abdomen, or the creative and healing power of libido. When people reconnect with these sources, they will rediscover their vitality and true potential. In addition, health issues are always addressed as the basis for a life in its abundance and as the basis for the mystical path.

Then comes the second step: you will discover on the courses as well as later at home that everything around you is alive. And you will be able to feel the field in which you are embedded and with which you are connected. It nourishes you on a deep level and contributes significantly to your health. You will find that the less you focus on your person, the more alive you will become. If, for example, you simply follow the flow of “Crane Qigong” or virtually merge with other forms, you will experience a new state of being – as a dynamic system which is no longer confined to one fixed identity. It is important to us at Tao Hamburg that this can be felt at all events as an experience of the heart and that it goes beyond a purely intellectual knowledge of the mind. Experiences of this depth can lead to a fundamental change in life.

The mystical path of the Tao begins with a connection to all life and to one’s own origin. “What is my basis as a human being?” – this question not only stood at the beginning of Carsten Dohnke’s path, but is one that his students face as well. The path to the answer goes well beyond the experience of field energy and Qi. The third step leads you to your core, to your true nature. First you experience a taste of it. You come into contact with your source and with a depth of your being that goes beyond all imagination – with yet undreamt-of possibilities. This is no longer the realm of doing, but of opening, discovering and unfolding. And no matter what the seminars are called, it is a realm you are invited to enter at each event.