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Connect  to your inner wisdom – Tao and Qigong

A four day workshop where you discover your inner healing power in an inspiring environment. In the middle of nature, near Utrecht.

(teaching language is english, the assistence speak also durch!)

Fo detailed informations about the approach and the coming training in Utrecht, please visit our new homepage: taoandqigong- artofliving.com

Experience a full connection with life, your own energy and inner resources. Get new insights into your life by tapping into your inner wisdom and connecting with your heart. You will learn how to deal with stress, to come home to your life and to find your „inner GPS“. In this way you can experience a deeper freedom and find solutions for daily topics. And you might change your attitude towards yourself, your challenges, other people and the world.

The workshop combines Qigong and Taoism, the wisdom tradition of the East, supplemented by western approaches for healing and inner development, the best of both worlds. You will become more balanced, healthy and stable. Carsten will lead you with lightness through an inner journey, where different elements become one organic piece. This enables you to get a new perspective of your life and to connect to your inner core – your true nature.

This workshop is for everyone! You don`t need any experience in Qigong or Meditation.

What we will cover in class:

You will create a strong foundation with Qigong, Tao and meditation. This will help you to deeply relax and to heal on a physical and emotional level. You will get stronger and feel more centered. And you will work with these special methods:

  • Inner martial arts: easy movements for inner freshness, vitality and a younger body
  • Sun-Qigong: fill your cells with light, energy and oxygen
  • Field work and tao communication: finding answers and gaining a new perspective on your life topics

The workshop will give you a profound experience, practical tools and exercises for daily life.

Every afternoon Carsten will give a sound & mantra healing, which enables you to fully relax and to get in contact with your inner self. This will help you to feel supported in life, let go of old fears and develop inner faith.

About Carsten

His way of teaching comes from the mystical path of the Tao. He has the ability to bring people closer to their heart and to who they really are. Out of this connection, he provides tools for our daily life, happiness, health and inner growth.

Carsten is able to create a safe and inspiring energy field, where everybody can develop at their own pace. His teaching embodies growth on different level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Horizontally changing our view towards ourselves, our problems, the outer world, and vertically towards heaven and earth and eventually infinity.

He has more than 40 years of experience in taoist practice, meditation, Qigong and martial arts. He studied for 4 years with shaolin masters in China, has a university degree in Chinese studies and spent many years with world famous Qigong- and Tao- Masters. To get a clearer and broader view, he also studied western science, anatomy and philosophy. Assistance: Dewi de Waele

The workshop is also an introduction to Carsten`s  new Tao- and Qigong Training. The training starts in january and is called  „The Art of living – a deeper connection to life“.  

The class is in English. The assistants in the training speak Dutch!


Accoommodation & Food

Accommodation in Venwoude costs 119.50 euros for three nights in a single room and 91 euros in a double room. In addition there is the possibility for 50 euro for 3 days in the large Semianrraum to overnight (with own bedlinen). The food supply in the center for 4 days and three nights (three meals as well as coffee breaks with fruit/pastries) costs 125 euro.

(Übernachtung in Venwoude kostet  im Einzelzimmer 119,50 Euro für drei Nächte , im Doppelzimmer 91 Euro. Zudem gibt es die Möglichkeit für 50 Euro für 3 Tage im großen Semianrraum zu übernachten (mit eigener Bettwäsche) . Die Verpflegung im Zentrum für 4 Tage und drei Nächte  – drei Mahlzeiten sowie Kaffeepausen mit Obst/Gebäck  –  kostet 125 Euro.)

Lesson times

26.-29. of September
thursday:  10.00- 20:00
friday: 10:00- 19:00
saturday 10:00- 22:00
sunday: 10:00 bis 17:00
(times are flexibel ).

There is a longer lunch break every day (13:40 – 16:00). So there is enough time for eating in the center, for walks in the nature or to rest again.

Course location

is the famous seminar centre Venwoude in Larrge Vursche, in a beautiful forest area in the middle of Holland, www.venwoude.nl


425 Euro.-

(bring an extra friend and get a 10% discount)

If you are inspired to take part in the training The Art of Living after the workshop, you get a reduction of 150 Euro, if you book the training in the next 3 days after the class.


Guido Kwikkers and Joan Piersma