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Experience your true nature

The Mantra Amithaba, Meditation and Qigong

(the class will be taught in English)

In these 4 days you might get a glimps, of who you really are and you will have more clearity, what life is. Your love and compassion will grow and your cells will experience an inner cleaning and healing process. The wonderful combination of silence, mantra-practice and qigong will connect you to your heart and your true nature. It will dissolve old emotional patterns and it might give you a glimpse of the topic “life and death”.

The focus of the seminar is the mantra Namo Amitabhaya, combined with qigong and meditation. In addition, you will learn a simple traditional mantra ceremony based on this mantra, which you can also practise at home. The ceremony aims to alleviate physical and mental suffering, to dissolve everyday problems and to activate your inner wisdom.

The seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners and enables all participants to gain a understanding of how mantras work in depth. And how they relate to meditation and Qigong.

You like to read more details? Here they are:

The mantra Namo Amitabhaya is one of the most famous mantras. It is widespread throughout Asia and used by many masters. Many people have come closer to awakening through this mantra.
Namo Amitabhaya – literally: entering into the eternal light – fills your body with light and has the potential to change your lives profoundly. Its main effects are: it purifies the heart, resolves psychological problems, rejuvenates the  cells, softens and vitalises the body, relieves physical suffering and gives you wisdom, clarity and protection. It also establishes a deep connection to the Tao within you.

The practice of the ceremony helps you to unfold the power of the mantra “down to your marrow and bones”. This holds the possibility of a deep change. In addition, you can activate this power at any time in everyday life – also as a help for other people. The structure, content and effect of the mantra and the ceremony are explained in detail. A special topic is also how you can use the mantra as an aid in the dying process for yourself and others.

Qigong practice, meditation, a morning body programm, partner exercises and tao-communication round off the seminar.

Every afternoon Carsten also gives a Tao-healing treatment for all participants. This enables you to let go deeply, dissolve old fears and experience new confidence in life.

What you will experience and learn during this four days:

– a daily morning meditation for selflove

– the mantra Amithaba

– a traditionell mantra ceremony

– qigong movements for deep breathing

– inner qigong to build up energy and stability

– taoist healing sessions

– tao-communication from your heart

– taoist and buddhist ideas of the life and death

– healing and integration with the help of mantra-practice

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7th – 10th of April (thursday – sunday)

(10:00-13:30 and 16:00 -19:00, special evening event at saturday)


525.- (early bird  price is 479.-)


The class takes part in the wonderful retreat center Venwoude, near Utrecht, in the Netherlands.  Please check  the costs for accommodation and meals with the organiser Guido Kwikkers.

Organisation and Registration:

Guido Kwikkers, Tao2 Work,