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High Energy Qigong – online course

Breathe in the forces of the cosmos and experience how your cells fill with new life energy.

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High Energy Qigong” leads you into a state of cellular breathing and meditation – you learn to charge your belly, heart and brain as well as all your cells with the powers of the cosmos and activate the healing power of your hands. In this way you protect yourself from burn-out and exhaustion and reach inner clarity and calmness.

High energy qigong is known for its cell healing quality and gently massages all internal organs and the spine. You experience how you can arrive more and more in your centre and how your mind becomes completely calm. In this state of relaxation, you feel “like an innocent baby” in its mother’s womb, nourished by the forces of the cosmos”. This could be as early as the second day of the seminar.

An active morning Qigong warm-up programme and silent meditation round off the course. The seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Every afternoon Carsten also gives a Tao healing treatment for all participants. This enables you to let go deeply, dissolve old fears and experience new confidence in life.

What you will experience and learn during this weekend:

the form of high energy qigong
give energy treatments to others (using high energy qigong)
to charge your belly, heart and brain with the powers of the cosmos
to activate the healing power of your hands
enter into states of cellular breathing and healing
experience clarity and inner peace
Taoist healing treatment
an inner massage of your spine
a daily refreshing, active Qigong programme

With your participation you will receive a script on the process and effects of “High-Energy-Qigong”. Videos of the form of “High Energy Qigong” as well as the healing treatments will be made available to you as download videos for 10 days after the seminar.


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Zeiten & Kosten

Sa. & So, 22.-23. of May

(11:00-14:00 incl. tea break, one hour lunch break and 15:00-17:30)

 160 €


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