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Tao of Sexuality

Inner healing, more vitality and sexual  energy, a fulfilling partnership as well as spiritual growth – these are the topics of this weekend with Carsten Dohnke, an internationally recognized teacher of Taoism and Qigong.

In Taoism, sexual energy is considered the essence of our being. It is the basis for creativity, artistic creation, vitality and spirituality. In Taoist meditations, it is seen as the fundamental force for strengthening your life force and opening the inner energy channels. The essence of Taoist sexual teachings, also called the “practice of Healing Love”, is to harmonize, increase as well as transform sexual power into healing power and spiritual energy. In addition, you will learn how to have a more fulfilling sexuality and thus a deeper union with your partner.

Man and woman learn to consciously increase the energy of the ovaries and testicles and to conduct it up the spine into the brain, the glands and the internal organs. Thus begins an inner self-healing and rejuvenation process that raises the overall vitality in the organism and floods all cells with fresh life energy. A central element in the practice of Healing Love is the union of heart and sexual energy. The merging of these two life forces, often accompanied by a deep sense of inner peace, is a key to self-love, inner healing and a deeper connection to other people.


A highlight is the Tao healing treatment by Carsten for all participants in the afternoon.

The seminar is suitable for singles and people in a partnership. The practices of Healing Love also have a positive effect on the treatment of abdominal problems, menstrual disorders, impotence and prostate problems. And a stabilizing in the time of  the menopause. In addition, they promote the functioning of the brain. In the seminars, Healing Love practices are practiced as a form of inner meditation. Through their combination with specific body and breathing exercises, they receive their deep effectiveness.

An active Qigong warm-up program completes the course. The seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced students.

Here is a link to the current article on the subject of the Tao of sexuality: The path of love leads within.

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Times and costs

Sa. & So, 3.- 4. June 2023, (evening of experience on the friday, the 2th of june)

Venue, Loctation : near Utrecht NL

250 €  incl. friday evening (early bird: 215€) 

Saturday: 10:00 – 18:00 , Sunday : 10:00-17:00 (inkl. linch break), times for  friday evening: check with organizer.

Organistion and Enrollment Guido Kwikkers , follow this link link , for any questions please connect: guido@tao2work.nl