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Tao-Summer Retreat

in the Netherlands    10 – 16 July 2023

Conference Centre De Poorte

Inner Alchmey: Fusion of Elements
Compassion Meditation
Kan and Li

(all classes are in English)

with Carsten Dohnke

For inner transformation, healing and spiritual growth

Experience a deep connection to life, to your energy and your resources.

Enjoy a week of meditation, healing and vitality in the stillness and nature in de Poorte conference center

During this summer retreat we want to let our body become flexible and alive, open our heart and dive into an inner silence. From this connection to ourselves and to life we will experience the meditations of Inner Alchemy – an extremely effective method for healing, well-being, inner strength and to open up unexpected potential.

Physical and breathing exercises in nature, silent meditation and healing mantra sessions round off every day and support the guided Inner Alchemy meditations

Our retreat consists of 3 courses

Course 1 and 2 is accessible for beginners.

For Course 3 with Kan & Li, experience in Inner Qigong is required.
See below for more information, or check with Carsten

Course 1  10.-11. July : (monday & tuesday) Taoist Inner Alchemy: Fusion of the Elements

Would you like to leave the burdens and worries of everyday life behind you? And experience a deep inner peace? The practices of “Inner Alchemy” are the core of Taoist meditation and enable you to experience deep processes of inner transformation. In the Fusion of Elements I, you move, refine and focus the Qi of your inner organs with the help of your mind into an inner pearl of light. A deep state of being of peace and nourishment arises. You strengthen and purify your inner organs and can free yourself from old emotional issues.

“A dayly highlight  is the Tao healing treatment by Carsten for all participants every tafternoon.  This allows you to let go deeply, dissolve old fears and experience new confidence in life and  suppoorts your meditations”

(The practice of Fusion I-III is complemented by the Qigong classic the “Eight Brocades”. In combination with meditations of self-acceptance and embracing the internal organs, you can thus “really arrive at yourself and in your body”. The “Qigong form of the eight brocades” captivates through its simplicity. It deepens your breath, opens your meridians and massages your joint spaces. In addition, the movements connects your Qi with the larger energy field of nature – an important prerequisite for the meditations of inner alchemy.)

Course 2  12. July :  (wednesday) Compassion Meditation – The Essence of Fusion 2 & 3

In Fusion II-III you learn the meditation of the circle of creation, in which your positive organ energies merge into a state of compassion. In addition, with the help of the inner light pearl, you open the central channel and important energy pathways that lead to inner balance and enable you to inhale the forces of the cosmos and thus nourish your cells like an “inner download”.


The practice of the of Inner Alchemy is easier than it seems. It leads to a deep inner balance – in a form that many people only know as a memory of carefree childhood da


Course 3 Day  13.-16. July: (thursday to sunday) Higher Inner Alchemy – Kan and Li

In “Kan and Li” the love of our heart merges with the energy of the kidneys and libido – “fire and water unite”, as the Taoists say. This creates a refined Qi, which like an “inner vapour” nourishes and rejuvenates each of our cells from within and carries the practitioner into higher states of consciousness. Deep inner contemplation, the dissolution of the physical body, the slowing down of the aging process and inner healing are the central themes. “Kan and Li” is also called the “marriage of soul and spirit”. The depth of this course has a life-changing effect on many participants.

Conditions of participation in Course 3 – Kan and Li: 2 years or more experience in Taoist practices, inner Qigong, other meditation or longer silent retreats.



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How will we practice during this week ?

What’s the main idea and purpose of this retreat?

An insight in less than 3 minutes.
Watch our video Tao Summer Retreat.

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In this Tao Summer retreat you will

– find inner freedom and stability

– learn Qigong movements and breathing for a stronger, younger and healthier body

– enjoy an inner healing process

– learn to balance your emotions

– reconnect with your heart, your energy and your inner resources

– discover a gateway to your inner wisdom

– open up to a natural flow of life

– reconnect to your inner Source – your true nature

– learn to unfold your creativity and inner potential

Still not sure if this retreat is something for you? Please contact us free of obligation. We are happy to answer all your questions! Contact

notice for all participants

This seminar is designed as a drug-free retreat, i.e. as an inner retreat. Only then can the depths of this sacred practice unfold. Please leave your everyday life behind you, when you wish to join. Do not bring any work with you and avoid the use of your cell phone. During the Kan and Li classes we will also share times of silence – especially directly after the guided meditations.

The location

This week we will be guests at de Poorte. The center  will also take care of the catering during the whole week. Further information will come soon.


There are several possibilities to participate in the retreat.

7 days, block 1, 2 and 3: € 690

Early bird discount € 590 (if your application and payment is received by Mai 10 at the latest)

2 days, only block 1: € 220

3 days, block 1 and 2: € 330

5 days, block 2 and 3: € 550

There is no early booking discount if you register for a part of the training.

As soon as your registration is received, you will receive an invoice. Only when your invoice has been paid within the set time frame your participation is certain. If the term of payment on the invoice is exceeded, the early booking discount will expire.

Accommodation costs

The accommodation costs depend on the chosen options. For the amounts including overnight stays, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and tea, please see all the detailsafter signing in.

Dates and times

We start on the 10h of July at 10:00 am and finish on the 16h of July at 17:00 am. We will agree on the times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (the teaching times are generell between 9:30-13:30 and 16:00-19:00. There will be about 6 hours class a day. The times might change after knowing details about the time for lunch and dinner. Evenings will be generelly free – for private time and exchange – or open for silent meditation.


Carsten will be teaching in English all week. His partner Dewi de Waele will join him as a co-teacher.

Organisation: Guido Kwikkers

(For question please mail to Guido)